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Billionaire Banquet: Eat the rich... before they eat you!

This is HARD MODE. You have been warned. Enjoy! Go back to the regular game here.


Eat the dots to clear the level. When you gobble up a $, billionaires can be eaten...but just for a few seconds.

Up, down, left right to move
"S" to toggle sound
Click to pause

On mobile:
Swipe to change direction
Tap the button bottom left to toggle sound
Tap to pause


  1. Guy Laliberté’s private rocket ship
  2. JK Irving’s disenchanted forest
  3. Emanuele Saputo’s cheese factory
  4. Chip Wilson’s yoga studio
  5. Anthony Von Mandl’s vineyards
  6. Jim Pattison’s car dealership
  7. David Cheriton’s tech stacks
  8. Toby Lutke’s online shopping bag
  9. The price of a slice with Galen Weston Jr.
  10. Panopticon shuffle with David Thomson

Prizes! Win a Breach sweatshirt!

The 5 people who finish the game with the highest scores will win a Breach sweatshirt. All you have to do is take a screenshot of your score, post it onto social media, and tag @thebreachmedia. (If you don’t have social media—bless you for not generating free content for one particular billionaire—you can email a photo to Tip: to bump up your score, eat as many billionaires as possible.


This is a parody of the original Pac-Man arcade game

Custom development: Mohammed Montasser
Original game development: Dale Harvey
Writing: Kate McQuade, Katia Lo Innes, Martin Lukacs
Level design: Dru Oja Jay
Graphics and animations: Ella
Soundtrack: Oliver Mercer
Trailer video: Henri-Julien Rabalais